10 effective ways to conceive

Women who go on a diet can lose weight and also reduce their chances of having a baby . Quit your diet a few months before deciding whether bau.Theo survey in France, on average, only 1/6 of pairs of couples successfully conceive after one year of trying. No more than 20% of lucky women get pregnant in one menstrual cycle. Here are 10 tips to help couples maintain their fertility and have no trouble trying to have another baby.

1147 10 effective ways to conceive

  1. Patience: If you and your partner have sex regularly for a year, don’t use any contraception during this time, and still don’t get pregnant, you still need to be very patient.
  2. Have sex regularly: Obstetricians say that regular sex increases the chances of conception. Remember that sperm has the ability to live 72g from the time it begins to “temporarily” in the female genitalia.
  3. Stop the extreme diet : Women who diet can lose weight and also reduce their chances of having a baby. Quit dieting for a few months before deciding to get pregnant.
  4. Eat a reasonable diet: Skipping meals and eating too much sugar is not good for your body and also for the ability to conceive. High blood sugar levels cause the body to secrete too much of a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone adversely affects progesterone, a hormone that helps the uterus accept the fetus. Being too fat or too thin can also reduce your chances of conceiving even if you’re already on fertility hormone treatment.
  5. Keep your husband cool: Saying that does not mean forcing your husband into the refrigerator, but advising him to wear loose pants, preferably cotton pants. Pants that are too tight will cause excessive heat in the genital area and especially the testicles, adversely affecting sperm quality.
  6. Choose the right season: There are periods in a year that are more fertile than others. Men usually have the highest sperm count in early spring and late fall. Their mobility is highest in late summer and early autumn. Therefore, early winter is the most favorable period for conception. Take advantage of the “bad weather” and make more sex under a warm blanket.
  7. Be careful with pain relievers: Some pain relievers affect the hormone prostaglandins that play a role in uterine contractions. Therefore, pain medication should not be taken during ovulation.
  8. Reduce smoking: Women all know that smoking during pregnancy is harmful, but few people know that this habit reduces the ability to conceive, hindering the conception process for both men and women. According to a recent study in France, women who smoke are up to 30% less likely to conceive than women who do not smoke. This rate is even higher if their husband also smokes.
  9. Diets Do: Those who drink too much alcohol have less fertility than others, and even if the woman was pregnant drink, their fetus is affected.
  10. Drink less coffee: Drinking too much coffee also reduces the ability to conceive. Studies in many European countries have confirmed that caffeine is the enemy of fertility. If you do not get pregnant during this time, you still need to be very patient.

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